Gabriel Fedida


Gabriel Fedida worked in the construction and electronics industry since 1986. In 2002, He decided to expand FEI Enterprises to include full development of residential and commercial properties. Gabriel finds lucrative investment opportunities, organizes the necessary funding, and constructs the property His responsibilities and positions ranged from electronics store manager through field installations, management, design and engineering of various low-voltage and electrical systems. Gabriel Fedida has taken several seminars and courses to further educate him in the development and construction field. He attended the University of California, Los Angeles to study project management. He also studied fire protection field programs including NFPA courses and NICET Level 2 and specialty training by various manufacturers that FEI Enterprises, Inc. is an authorized distributor.  During those years Gabriel obtained his C-10 electrical license, C-61 security and low voltage license, and his B general contracting license. Gabriel’s development, construction, electrical, and low voltage expertise began from working the field, giving him a unique understanding of project execution from the employee’s view. This is invaluable to a company as it increases necessary know-how and expedites execution of projects.  Gabriel also served as an officer in an elite commando unit in the Israeli army before working in the construction and development industry.

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